William ‘Dexter’ Wood


William ‘Dexter’ Wood



The Athletic Director at Buford High School is known as a leader with great character. In 2004, he was presented the statewide Shorty Doyal Award by the Georgia Athletic Coaches Association for coaching leadership. And in

2005, he received the “Winning with character” Award for moral character and influence as a coach.

In 1988, Dexter was a charter member of the Georgia Athletic Directors Association and served as a member of the executive Board of Directors from 1989 until 1996. While serving on the Board of Directors, the GADA created its first Constitution and moved the State Conference to the campus of Georgia Southern University where it experienced a period of tremendous growth. Wood served as the President of the GADA in 1991.

As a coach, Dexter won 3 State Championships, 2 State Runners-up, and set the State of Georgia consecutive win streak record at 47 games in 2004. Coach Wood retired from coaching in 2005 with a career record of 257 wins, 92

losses, and 3 ties. During his career, he has coached All-Americans: Eric Zeier-UGA, Scott Sisson-GT, Tim Wansley-UGA, PK Sam-New England Patriots, Darius Walker-Notre Dame.

Since stepping down as the head football coach at Buford High School. Wood has continued to serve as the Athletic Director. He has been a member of the GADA for 21 years and a NIAAA member for 16 years. He received the CAA distinction in 1998. A defining moment of his career as an athletic administrator has been the creation of softball, volleyball, soccer, girl’s golf, swimming, middles school athletics, and a full-time athletic trainer.

Dexter and his wife, Martha have been married for 33 years. They have two married children, Ryan and Rachel, and 3 wonderful grandchildren.

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