June Newsletter

Another great school year has come to an end. There have been many celebrations for schools across our State as some started new sports which saw participation rates rise while other schools saw seasons of destiny in our more traditional sports. As we continue to add sports under the leadership of the Georgia High School Association (GHSA), we, as athletic directors, must continue to work with our coaches and athletes to encourage multi-sport athletes. In the end, it is the high school career of the student-athlete and we need to support them in their athletic endeavors.

Congratulations to our region and classification Regions Bank Director’s Cup winners! It is a true testament to the commitment made by schools, student-athletes, coaches and communities for those that win or are traditional high finishers in our director’s cup.

As we start our summer and come out of our first dead week, please review the June Checklist on our web site to make sure your facilities and other athletic department business is being handled before you leave on your summer break. As a reminder, we will have our 2nd dead week: July 4 – July 10.

Last month, I mentioned making an IMPACT and what that will look like for you. As you reflect on the 21-22 school year, I challenge you to find ways to make your IMPACT in your school and with your student-athletes. Make their high school experience something they will never forget. As I close, I want to share a story from a phone call I received from a former player from 2006. He reminded me of all the “other things” we did outside of basketball to make it fun and how we became a family. To this day, that group of youngmen still talk to each other like they are brothers even with some of them living on opposite sides of the world. I think in 2006, WE made an IMPACT on each other and have a relationship that can never be broken.

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Our mission is to work with Georgia’s Athletic Directors and coaches helping develop student-athletes both in and out of the classroom helping shape and nurture our students so they become productive citizens in our society and better prepares them for the future.

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