Francis H. Bryan


Francis H. Bryan

Class Of 2011

As the Physical Education and Athletics Administrator for Atlanta Public Schools, Frances Bryan was instrumental in developing and promoting athletics in one of the largest school systems in Georgia.

Bryan labored for years to develop the physical fitness curriculum for the Atlanta Public School system middle and high schools. Her job was to examine physical fitness goals and to provide each student with a well-rounded education.

Because of her diverse coaching background, which included experience in cheerleading, swimming, softball, track and field, dance, and rifle; Bryan was in the unique position to truly understand and identify the needs of the many athletes in the Atlanta Public School system.

Bryan consistently met with the State Department of Education to evaluate the effectiveness of electives testing and served as the Health Coordinator for Physical Education, Intramural, and girls sports from 1965-1976. She was named an Athletic Administrator in 1976 and served in that capacity until 1996.

In her position as Athletic Coordinator, Bryan accepted the responsibility of hosting the first Varsity Girls State Track and Field Meet at Northside High School in 1977. She identified and recommended programs of interest for student-athletes, evaluated equipment needs, and sponsored staff development for APS staff members.

Throughout her career, Bryan has served on a multitude of professional committees, including: the YMCA Advisory Board, The American Cancer Society, and the American Heart Association. She was also a member of the National Federation of State High School Association, the Georgia High School Association, the Georgia Athletic Directors Association, and the Metro Atlanta Athletic Directors Association.

Despite her exhausting schedule, Bryan states, “You do it all for the athletes”. Her philosophy still permeates throughout Atlanta Public Schools to this date.

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