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Atlanta, GA – The Georgia Athletic Directors Association (GADA) is pleased to announce that it has secured Team Assure, Inc. as the Association’s newest corporate partner.

Georgia licensed, Team Assure, is one of the Country’s leading full-service insurance companies, specializing in zero-deductible student-athlete insurance. In 2018-19 Team Assure will be recognized by the GADA in various high profile capacities.

GADA’s sponsorship program includes several meaningful networking opportunities which allows Team Assure and the other partners to meet and interact with the GADA’s members during the course of the year.

“Team Assure is thrilled to support and partner with the Georgia Athletic Directors Association (GADA) in its commitment to providing training and service to members while introducing its philosophy of educational athletics,” said Dax Anderson, President. “Their mission to work with directors and coaches in nurturing student-athletes in order to become productive citizens after high school is vital to the future of these players and the community. We look forward to the upcoming school year and are excited to grow this partnership with its board and members.”

Scholastic Sports Marketing negotiated the terms of the partnership.

Over the past 35 years, Team Assure has evolved to be one of the leading full-service insurance companies, specializing in zero-deductible student athlete insurance. Our mission is clear: to deliver quality programs and insurance products to our clients with a high level of service, responding to the challenges of the client’s needs and budget. And to work towards earning lasting relationships built on a foundation of honesty, integrity, and trust.

With a commitment to detail, we listen carefully to every client in an effort to develop a shared understanding of their needs and what is expected of our team. We listen because the better we understand you, the better we can commit all our strengths to meet your individual needs. We understand that we work for you, and we are committed to work with your team to develop a true partnership so we can approach the insurance marketplace together in an effective and committed endeavor. Team Assure is online at

The Georgia Athletic Directors Association (GADA) is committed to supporting Georgia’s Athletic Directors by providing training and service while introducing the philosophy of educational athletic that focuses on the role of the NIAAA, the NFHS, the GHSA and the GACA.

It is the GADA’s mission is to work with Georgia’s Athletic Directors and coaches helping develop student-athletes both in and out of the classroom. The Georgia Athletic Directors Association is online at

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Nathan Turner, President of the Georgia Athletic Director Association, at 770.887.2461 (ext. 310268) or at

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