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Benefits of Membership

Benefits of joining the GADA and NIAAA                                       Updated 4/22/2014


As an organization its strength and value is derived directly from its members. Being a member opens many doors of opportunity. They include but are not limited to training programs, attending the annual conference, communicating, mentoring and learning along side your peers from around the state and beyond. The GADA is making great strides to improve our organization. Your membership in both the GADA and the NIAAA will help insure that you receive the valued benefits and have the ability to make a greater impact with your coaches, administration and most of all your student-athletes.

There is no greater benefit to your school, coaches, student-athletes , and yourself than becoming a certified athletic administrator. Being a member of the GADA is the gateway towards that goal.

Additional benefits include:

  1. The NIAAA and the GADA promotes the professional growth and development of interscholastic state high school administrators.
  2. The NIAAA and the GADA promotes the professional image and prestige of state interscholastic athletic administrators as well as high school athletic programs.
  3. Receive “Interscholastic Athletic Administration”, a quarterly journal written by and for high school athletic administrators through the NIAAA.
  4. The GADA provides an association with the leaders in interscholastic athletic administration to all it’s members.
  5. Through the GADA, each member is provided with a $10,000 life insurance policy 24/7, not school related.
  6. Receive $2500 in term life insurance through the NIAAA.
  7. Each member has the opportunity to take professional Leadership Training Courses (LTC) in specific areas of professional interest and earn PLU’s.
  8. Each member has the opportunity to earn RAA (Registered Athletic Administrator), CAA (Certified Athletic Administrator) and CMAA (Certified Master Athletic Administrator) designation through NIAAA.
  9. Through NIAAA, each member is provided with $2,000,000 liability coverage while performing the duties of an athletic administrator.
  10. The association with members in the GADA and the NIAAA is a valuable resource for all athletic administrators, young and experienced.
  11. Each member has the opportunity to earn Region and State AD of the Year recognition.
  12. Each GADA member has the opportunity to participate in the GADA sponsored Professional Outreach Program to assist with membership, LTC class registration as well as state conference attendance.
  13. Each member has the opportunity to attend our annual state conference (GADA) as well as national (NIAAA) conference.
  14. Each member has the opportunity to nominate students from your school for the annual GADA ($1000) and NIAAA sponsored student-athlete scholarships.

Click HERE to download the 2014 NIAAA benefits information sheet.

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